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The Benefits of Good Character

Many law enforcement departments, government agencies, and private corporations have reported HUGE benefits from their character initiatives. In this detailed report learn how character:

  • Determines Success
  • Improves the Workplace
  • Motivates Achievement
  • Builds Relationships
  • Increases Health
  • Reduces Injuries
  • Protects Against Liability
  • Promotes Wise Leadership
Plus, find out more about the other Police Dynamics Professional Development and Training Packages.
Click here to download the Benefits of Good Character …

49 Character Qualities from Character First

When I first saw the 49 Character Qualities from Character First, I instantly recognized the power of these working definitions. You will quickly see that the definitions are not dictionary definitions, they are working definitions, which means they are designed to be used in the workplace. What I like about them is that they are goal-oriented and they are observable through behavior. Many of them incorporate the “character test” right into the definition! I have used this vocabulary over the years with my deputies, staff, community, and children. I firmly believe that this list of character definitions is the most powerful management tool I have ever had in my hands. I issued a pocket version to all of my supervisors and encouraged them to use the vocabulary in their day to day interactions with their subordinates. When used properly to praise character over achievements, the results are quite remarkable.

Click here to download the 49 Character Qualities
The Pocket Guide version is available from the Character Training Institute for less than $1.50 each. I can attest to the fact that this is a good bargain. I’ve carried my pocket guide in my wallet for so many years I can hardly read it…!

Ten Virtues of a Law Officer 

The Ten Virtues of a Law Officer are a character-based code of ethics that sets a standard of police professionalism. A bit different from what you may have seen in other standards of conduct, this code goes beyond behavior and looks at the character that motivates it. Character lies below the surface of personality and behavior. The discerning officer is able to see beyond behavior to impact the underlying character issues.  The Ten Virtues are not meant to supplant other codes of ethics that are out there, but to approach it from a different perspective consistent with the message of Police Dynamics. Many law enforcement agencies have purchased framed versions of the Ten Virtues to hang in their squad rooms as a reminder of the high-standards of the police profession.

Click here to download your copy of the Ten Virtues of a Law Officer

Police Dynamics Intro Video

When you watch this 9-minute video, pay special attention to the “man on the street” interviews. We actually took to the streets of Oklahoma City and asked a simple question, “What do you think of the police?” The answers from some good, law-abiding citizens might surprise you. But this is how you are often viewed by your community! So it makes sense to pay attention. Then I want you to see how the principles of Police Dynamics integrate with the Character First! program. The two together give you a powerful formula for implementing character-based crime-fighting principles within your agency and your individual patrol tactics. This is an excellent video to use in your roll-call training.

Click here to watch the Police Dynamics Intro Video

Once you have had a chance to look at this free Introductory Package, you might want to consider one of these other Police Dynamics Professional Development Packages:

Basic Training Package
Professional Development Package

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What Law Enforcement and Community Leaders Are Saying About Police Dynamics…

“A few years ago, we brought the Police Dynamics program to the Cincinnati Police Division and were most impressed with the quality of the training and richness of the program.”
Mike Daly
Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

"I cannot tell you how excited I am to see this website. I was introduced to your video on the Dynamics of Authority through my father who is a police chaplain for the FBI and local law enforcement agencies here in Las Cruces. I have taught and applied the Dynamics model to my students when I was a teacher, and now to my department as a fire fighter."
Nathan Carr
Las Cruces Fire Dept.

"We live in an era when compromise and corruption is being reported at all levels of our society. As law enforcement administrators, we must be vigil in our leadership roles to insure that our profession maintains the highest of standards. Promoting ethical character in our employees is essential. One of the best tools I have found to accomplish this is an innovative training developed by South Carolina Sheriff Ray Nash, entitled Police Dynamics."
Sheriff Jerry Martin
Dolores County, CO
Past-president County Sheriffs of Colorado

"Sheriff Nash: Your leadership perspectives and skills as a teacher and visionary (are) apparent. I believe long-term success is based on good character. Therefore your message was valuable for our organization."
Sheriff Stephen Boyer
Kitsap County, WA

"This class gave me the vocabulary that I have been looking for to praise and motivate my employees."
Police Dynamics participant