The BEST of POLICE DYNAMICS is now available to the individual officer at this drastically reduced price…

Basic Training Package

I say this is the Best of Police Dynamics because these two dynamics form the core of the Police Dynamics character-based training curriculum and remain the two most widely requested and recognized training segments. I have often said that if I only had time to present two training segments, these would be the two…

* The complete set of 6 video sessions retails for $599.00, making this offer an excellent value at only $47 Order Now

Only $47…


I am pleased to offer these additional training resources at NO additional charge…

  • Police Dynamics Workbook
  • The Tarnished Badge Video
  • CRASHing the Gates of the StrongHold
  • Obedience Character Bulletin

Over $200 worth of Police Dynamics training materials for
less than $50…!

The Dynamic of Character

Character is the seed that produces the fruit of high achievement. Most police training programs focus on competencies, yet almost all of our problems pertain to character.

Preview excerpts from the Dynamic of Character training video* here:

Training topics:

  • Why character is more important than achievement
  • The simplified definition of Integrity
  • How to build trust-based relationships with your community
  • Why praising for achievement can encourage bad character
  • What happens when character is neglected
  • The three keys to building a culture of character
  • The building blocks of good character
  • How you can be deceptive and honest at the same time

*Immediately after your purchase, you will be able to download the full 54-minute video in mp4 format.

The Dynamic of Authority

As the cornerstone of the Police Dynamics program, the Dynamic of Authority is critical for effective law enforcement. Most instances of police misconduct are the result of ego-driven officers operating “out from under authority.” Faithfully representing the authorities over you and remaining under their protection is key to avoiding negative consequences and building essential trust-based relationships. All of the lawful authority necessary to accomplish the police mission has been delegated to you and your officers. This dynamic explores how easily officers give away their lawful authority and resort to ego-power.

Preview excerpts from the Dynamic of Authority training video* here:

Training topics:

  • The fundamental role of authority
  • What happens when you operate out from “under authority”
  • Who and what you represent in your official capacity
  • How to respond to the “classic challenge to a law officer”
  • The number one cause of ethical failures among police
  • The dangers of the three root character flaws
  • How to generate voluntary compliance with the law
  • The path of destruction and what it leads to
  • The power of faithfulness
  • What motivates the Renegade Cop

*Immediately after your purchase, you will be able to download the full 56-minute video in mp4 format.

The Dynamics of Character and Authority are the full content of the same training that I have presented to over 10,000 law enforcement and government officials from all over the world…!


— Bonus Package —

Police Dynamics Workbook*

The Police Dynamics Video Training Series contained in our Premium Package is accompanied by a comprehensive student workbook. To give you a more robust training experience, I have included the entire workbook with this Basic package.  The workbook utilizes an innovative instructional format that I call Dynagrams, which are graphic depictions of the various dynamics. While watching the videos, you have the opportunity to complete the Dynagrams in the workbook as I present them on the Powerpoint display. This highly interactive experience has proven to be a very effective training methodology for facilitating recall and understanding. Please refer to the appropriate pages that cover the Dynamics of Character and Authority while watching the training videos.

*You will be able to download the workbook in pdf format.

The Tarnished Badge Video*

Tarnished BadgeThis video is excellent for roll-call training. It speaks to the importance of the badge, what it represents, and what happens when it is tarnished by illegal, unprofessional, or unethical behavior. I use the real life example of a renegade officer within my own organization who was convicted of drug distribution to drive this point home. The ending is a bit dramatic, but effective…

*You will be able to download this video in mpg format.

CRASHing the Gates of the StrongHold*

CRASHThe Dynamics of Coactivity and Strongholds are integral components of the Police Dynamics program that include practical strategies for taking back crime-ridden neighborhoods called criminal strongholds. The worst stronghold we had in Dorchester County was Stratton Capers. I knew Stratton Capers was going to be a challenge as soon as I realized that all of its streets were named after famous criminals! Dillinger, Dalton, and Younger were all street names in the neighborhood. Even the subdivision itself had a criminal name – Capers! So we implemented a “Battle Plan” based on the principles of Police Dynamics to take back this stronghold. We called it CRASHCommunity Response Against StrongHolds. This 4-page report, the same resource I use during live Police Dynamics training sessions, chronicles our approach, the principles we implemented, and our success in reclaiming this criminal stronghold.

*You will be able to download this report in pdf format.

Obedience Character Bulletin*

Obedience BulletinThe Character Training Institute has long been a close ally of the Police Dynamics Institute. They have sponsored quite a bit of my training over the years and have produced some quality Police Dynamics training materials, including the videos contained in this package. Monthly Character Bulletins are an integral component of their Character First program. This one on the character quality of Obedience features Police Dynamics and the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office. In this 4-page bulletin learn:

  • the true meaning of character-based obedience
  • how to appeal a wrong decision
  • the purposes of authority
  • how character builds trust-based relationships

*You will be able to download the bulletin in pdf format.

Get Instant Access to ALL of These Training Resources for Only $47

Order Now

Personal Note

I have trained police officers from all over the world for the last 15 years in the principles of Police Dynamics and I LOVE doing the training with a live audience. But now that I’m in Afghanistan serving with the International Police Coordination Board, making these sessions available by video is the closest I can come to live training. So take advantage of this offer now.

The Police Dynamics Basic Training Package gives you powerful tools for:

Roll-call Training

The Tarnished Badge video is an excellent resource for a short training session before a team goes out on patrol. The Obedience Bulletin is also a great source of information that can be easily incorporated into a shift briefing. Plus, the Dynamics of Character and Authority can be broken down into shorter segments for roll-call training as well.

Pre-service Training

Join other agencies such as the Grand County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado that have implemented Police Dynamics as an integral part of their pre-service training. I even subjected my own new deputies to the video training when I was still in office. I liked joking that it was an 8th Amendment violation to make them watch me do the presentations via video! But in reality it gave them a firm understanding of the philosophical foundation of our Sheriff’s Office and clearly set the expectations required of them.

In-service Training

Many agencies are using the Police Dynamics Video Series as the foundation of their in-service training. The Dynamic of Character and the Dynamic of Authority are particularly effective for training your officers and staff, as well as preparing the next generation of law enforcement leaders.  The Police Dynamics materials contained in this package will be a valuable addition to any agency’s comprehensive in-service training program.

Professional Development

This is the primary reason I developed this particular training package and priced it so cheaply. I wanted to make a comprehensive professional development resource package available at a reasonable price so that it would fit into any officer’s budget. If you are looking to advance your career, the Police Dynamics Basic Training Package will give you a distinct advantage.

Preparation for Promotion 

Some agencies are using Police Dynamics as the basis of their promotional testing. And for anyone looking for a position as a police chief, sheriff, commander, or supervisor, the training package provides some excellent material that will prepare you for interviews, campaign speeches, public presentations, or promotional exercises.

Leadership Guidance

Many police chiefs, commanders, and supervisors are looking for answers to the difficult challenges they face. Whether it is building (or re-building) a relationship with your community, dealing with renegade officers or problem employees, facing a budget crisis or manpower shortage, enhancing morale, motivating officers to higher levels of performance, or just good, old-fashioned crime fighting, this Police Dynamics program has something to help you cope with all of these challenges, plus many more…

Training Officer Resources

Many training officers are incorporating the principles of Police Dynamics into their own instructional programs. This reasonably priced resource will provide you with a lot of material that you can adapt to other courses. I always tried to encourage my training officers to incorporate character-based principles into their programs of instruction.

Get Instant Access to ALL of These Training Resources for Only $47

Order Now

 Some of the results reported by agencies that have implemented Police Dynamics training:

Increased Morale

Officer morale is hard to measure–but there are indicators. You know it when you see it. And perhaps more importantly, you know it when you don’t see it! Wise leaders know that performance and morale are inextricably linked. If morale is high, performance will be right up there with it. And vice versa. Police Dynamics provides tools that will help morale soar–whether we are talking about you as an individual officer or your entire department.

Lower Turnover

One indicator of low morale is high turnover. When I assumed office as Sheriff of Dorchester County, I inherited a turnover rate that was over 50%. That’s right. Morale was so low that I was losing over half of my deputies every year! But after implementing some of the principles that you will learn about in this Police Dynamics program, our turnover rate went from over 50% to 0%! You heard me right! We went through a period of 14 months with zero turnover in our Enforcement Division–which is unheard of, especially in SC where turnover tends to be high.

More Effective Use of Limited Resources

A Management and Organizational study of our Sheriff’s Office showed that operating expenses were over 30% less per employee than the national average–even though our ratio of officers per population was over 30% lower than other SC counties! To put it another way, the average ratio of officers per population in our area was 2.6/1000. But ours was only 1.1/1000! Even with this manpower shortage we were able to accomplish some amazing results. And it wasn’t just us. Agencies all over the world are reporting incredible results when implementing the principles of Police Dynamics. In this day of increasingly tight law enforcement budgets, the principles of Police Dynamics allow you to accomplish more with less…

Lower Worker’s Compensation Rates

I was aware that many private sector companies that had adopted character initiatives were experiencing significant reductions in Worker’s Compensation claims, but I wasn’t convinced that it would carry over into the public sector. To my surprise, our claims dropped so low that it gained the attention of the SC Association of Counties. They actually sent a Risk Analyst to determine what we were doing to make such a dramatic impact. The conclusion: the quality of our training and the high morale. I attribute both of these to the power of Police Dynamics! And when you think about it, it makes sense. When you focus on principles like Truthfulness, Attentiveness, and Cautiousness, not only should your actual claims go down, but your false and inflated claims should decrease as well. And these are real dollars that you can use for other programs.

Reduction in the Crime Rate

Sir Robert Peel said that “the true measure of police efficiency is the absence of crime.” To me, this is where the rubber on the patrol car tire meets the road. If our management strategies are not resulting in a measurable decrease in crime, then we need to re-evaluate what we are doing. In our jurisdiction, the per capita crime rate went down by over 36% in the first three years of implementing Police Dynamics, and stayed there…! And before you think we were some po-dunk county with no crime, my neighboring jurisdiction on the east side of the county was ranked as the 12th most violent city in America at that time and the city on the west side was ranked second in the nation for per capita homicides. It was only out-ranked by Washington, DC! Despite this, our crime rate remained low. To put in into a greater perspective, our violent crime rate was 30% below the state average and 50% below some of our surrounding counties.

Other agencies have reported similar results. The Sheriff in Highlands County, FL reported a 26% decrease in overall crime and over 80% in his highest crime neighborhoods. Now, if the crime rate in your worst neighborhood, the criminal stronghold as we call it in Police Dynamics parlance, goes down by 80%, you would expect that to correlate to a decrease in the crime rate overall. And that’s just what happened in Highlands County.

Not only that, the Goose Creek Police Department, another neighboring jurisdiction of mine, adopted some of these principles right after we did and were soon heralded as THE safest city in SC. A city councilman in Fresno, CA reported to me that crime in his city dropped by over 50% after implementing Police Dynamics with his police department. 50%! Fresno had been the city with the highest rate of auto thefts. But after the crime rate dropped so low, insurance companies were actually giving discounts to car owners who lived in the city limits of Fresno. When’s the last time that happened?

So there you have it.

ALMOST 2 HOURS of Police Dynamics training for you and your department. Plus the Bonus Package…

for only $47!

Take responsibility for your own professional development and…

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As soon as we receive your order, we will send you a link for instant access to the training materials I’ve just described. It’s risk free. So take advantage of this offer now…

Sheriff Ray Nash
Police Dynamics Institute

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